lunes, 23 de julio de 2007

mobles dogmáticos

Nuevo taller MMO , Tobias Jacobsen visita de nuevo Galicia.

"With my training as both a goldsmith and an industrial designer, I am particularly fond of the stage where skethes turn into models. But a model is also a terible thing, as it reveals immediately how the problem should NOT be approached- it is tempting to fall for a beautiful sketch, but the model reveals the disaster. There I am lying to my self a little, concluding that `that`s not bad`, and then I have tio start over. That is exciting, intense and cruel, all at the samme time. At this point, I often get the urge to watch bad B-films, simply to escape all the decision-making involved in the design process. So Schwarzenegger has helped me through more than one half-point depression. I recharge and regain my joy of working and am able to take a fresh and critical look at things."

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